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The Grass is Green-er with Lugo on the Bench

Posted on: June 22, 2009 5:26 pm

Nick Green has been a nice surprise this season with the injury to Jed Lowrie and the consistent subpar performance of Julio Lugo. Nick Green, a utility type player who is having what looks to be a career year for the Red Sox. I think it is possible that Green might have a hold on the job even when it is time for Lowrie to return. I have seen enough of Green to make me believe that he doesn’t hurt the team in the field and he can come up with big hits in key situations.

As for Julio Lugo, once Lowrie returns to the team he has to be taken off the roster somehow. It is hard to see where he will fit into the equation once Lowrie returns. So ultimately he must go. He is certainly not worth what he is being paid. And from what I see, It’s hard to see what the front office ever saw in him that made him a viable option. Watching him play is so agonizing, He is so mechanical in his fielding which makes it look like he has to think everything out as he does it. Lowrie and Green don’t seem to have that problem; they look much more natural when they field.

Nick Green’s walk-off versus the Braves yesterday seems like a seal on Lugo’s fate, albeit a symbolic seal. Green has been better than Lugo and has taken over the shortstop job. I hope he gets a legitimate shot against Lowrie too. I recall that in the spring reports from Ft. Myers said that Lugo and Lowrie were neck in neck for the starting job so where does that now put Green? In the Mix, that’s where.

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